Why should I get on a GSA Schedule?

  1. Because the federal government is “the world’s largest customer.”
  2. Your business “bottom line” will benefit.

Federal agencies are spending more and more money through task and delivery orders on government wide contracts — especially GSA Schedule contracts. These orders are the preferred method of government buying. Here are some points to remember when considering a GSA Schedule:

  • Increase your customer base
  • Cut the time it takes to get your products and services to customers
  • GSA Schedules show “pre-approved” government prices for your products and services
  • GSA Schedules are quick and easy for any federal agency to use – in essence, you become a preferred vendor
  • Avoids open competition
  • Enables you to apply your commercial marketing practices to the Federal market
  • Lessens complex Federal contracting issues
  • Provides you with GSA marketing support and listing in GSA Advantage
  • Shortens the time for Agencies to issue contracts to you
  • Are the contracting mediums of choice for procurement officers
  • GSA Schedules are the best closing mechanisms for small-to medium-sized businesses that cannot afford to hold many Multiple Award Schedule contracts

A GSA Schedule is similar to a pre-approved price list for use by federal buyers with pre-negotiated pricing being the key. At the contract award, competition for an individual order is reduced significantly because the prices are predetermined during negotiations. Price increases based on commercial or economic cost increases can also be negotiated while vendors may offer discounts for an individual agency order without affecting the prices listed in the contract.

GSA Schedule purchasing encourages minimal paperwork (making it fast and efficient) while avoidance of a public bid reduces administrative costs. Price and competition are important in federal purchasing, but so are speed, efficiency, and product (or service) value. Most federal buyers ask for quotes from three vendors and select the winning vendor based on best value considerations. GSA purchases are rarely examined by nonparticipating vendors. The result is fewer vendor protests. This contributes to more efficient purchasing actions.

There are many categories of commercial products and services vendors may apply for under a GSA Contract. These are called Schedules and include everything from computers and office products to industrial products and professional services. Schedules are the favored purchasing medium for federal buyers.

Who Can Apply For A GSA Schedule?

Commercial businesses, non-profit organizations, and educational institutions can obtain a GSA Schedule Contract to sell their products or services  to government customers.

So the question to ask yourself is: If you are not a GSA schedule holder, why are you passing up on additional business opportunities from the largest client in the world. Can you afford to continue to leave behind new business revenue?

If you have any question about why your company should get on a GSA Schedule, or about GSA Schedule compliance related issues, please contact us at admin@scheduleservices.net or call us at 336-887-1328.