What is e-Buy?

E-buy is the electronic version of GSA’s RFP/ RFQ proposal process, which is basically an online Request for Quotation procurement tool for services and products offered through GSA’s Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) and Government wide Acquisition Contracts (GWAC’s).

This alternative electronic Request for Quote takes the place of lengthy and time consuming paper discourse between agencies (buyers) and vendors (sellers) allowing contractors to review the request and post a response online, resulting in time and cost benefits for both.

For vendors this gives them an additional benefit by letting them tap into an extensive new data base to sell their products and services thereby helping to increase sales. For agency buyers they can submit a request for proposal online, find sources, and prepare RFQs/RFPs, for products and services from Schedule vendors on GSA Advantage a tremendous timesaver.

As you can see, by simplifying the procurement process and bringing it online many benefits have now become available to buyers and sellers alike. A “win-win situation”. This service is not limited to small ticket items either, large quantity purchases, and proposals with highly complex and comprehensive project requirements can also be offered through e-buy.

For answers to additional questions about “e-Buy”, or questions regarding GSA Schedule related issues, please contact us at admin@scheduleservices.net or 336-887-1328.