What Is A Blanket Purchase Agreement?

Simply put, under a Multiple Award Schedule BPA agencies can order (products and or services) as much, as little and as often as they want, thus helping them to fill recurring needs while taking advantage of quantity discounts, saving administrative time and reducing paperwork.

BPA’s are essentially “charge accounts” that ordering offices establish with GSA Schedule contractors to provide themselves with an easy ordering tool.


  • BPA’s are established directly with GSA Schedule contractors
  • BPA’s establish a single source to deliver products and services over a period of time
  • Contractor teaming arrangements are permitted on BPA’s. With the removal of the maximum order limitation, agencies are no longer restricted by any dollar limitations when placing orders under a BPA.
  • Agencies can use a BPA as an ordering device that field offices across the country can participate in, allowing them to place orders directly with the vendor
  • Under the FAR regulations ordering offices may establish BPA’s under any GSA Schedule contract
  • The ordering office within an agency does not need to make a separate best value selection for each order under a BPA since a best value selection is made when the single BPA is initially established.

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