What does a Teaming Agreement mean in the GSA Schedules Program?

A Teaming Agreement under the GSA Schedules Program is an arrangement where two or more GSA Schedule contractors join- and work together- by complementing and expanding each other’s capabilities. This offers a total solution to meet many customers’ multiple requirements.

Orders placed under a teaming agreement are subject to the terms and conditions of each team member’s GSA Schedule Contract. This becomes a “win-win” benefit to customers and contractors alike.

Contractor’s benefits include:

  • Competing for orders for which each may not individually qualify
  • Increasing each partner’s market visibility and market share
  • Better promotion of each partner’s skills and talents
  • Increases opportunities for small businesses
  • Lessens inventory and tracking costs

Customer’s benefits include:

  • Quick “total solutions” rather than slow separate buys for each part of a need.
    Heightens use of GSA Schedule solutions

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