Recession Proof Your Business By Getting A GSA Schedule

Listening to the bad economic news these days and the possibility of another recession, it is not hard to understand the concerns and fears of large and small business owners alike. We are starting to see cutbacks and layoff across the board, and most commercial end users and business concerns are spending less.

While everyone hopes that an economic downturn will not last long, smart business owners should now start to position their companies in case one does. Those in Washington and anyone who follows federal procurement business knows if there is one constant in Washington, it’s that the federal government will continue to spend in order to run the bureaucracy.

When we examine past history we find that the federal market is essentially immune to economic slowdown. While the commercial sector is heading towards a recession, the federal market has had no major layoffs and spending is on the rise. Federal revenue may be just what your company needs to offset any downturn.

To add federal business to your company’s portfolio just makes good business sense, and the government market place is an ideal source for you to find additional sales and balanced growth. Act today; there are many ways your company can start to address this current economic situation, and turn it around to show positive results even in a recessed market!

Did you know that the federal government annually purchases more than $500 billion in products and services!

First and foremost

Get on a GSA Schedule now! It takes anywhere form three to six months to have your schedule in place so in the meantime;

Use the internet to get on federal sites and start getting to know the agencies that are looking for the products and services your company has to offer. With due diligence and patience start building the relationships now needed for long term federal business.

You can do this by finding the end users and buyers of the various agencies, making sales calls and getting in front of these decision makers. (Schedule Services can guide you through this process). Dedicate a current commercial sales person to start as your Federal Sales group or hire on a full time Federal Sales person. Act as you would with any important commercial venture and put the needed resources in place to get “the job done”.

Note* By taking the first steps now and getting your schedule contract in place you will be in a position to start closing sales and sales convert to dollars!

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