How Do I Know If My Company Qualifies For A GSA Schedule?

To be considered for a GSA Schedule, a company will be evaluated based on a wide range of criteria including but not limited to; the products or services being offered, financial stability, responsiveness and past performance and the company’s willingness to make the Government its most favored customer. Consider the following carefully before applying for a Schedule:

Does your company have?

  • Documentation showing you have been in business for at least one to two years.
  • A Web site and e-mail address.
  • A Duns number.
  • 6-10 customer references (some schedules require less) for past business performance.
  • Documentation of past sales practices with product or labor rate charts, proposals, or other documentation.
  • Should GSA approve your Schedule proposal; your company would have to be financially able to support task orders.
  • Companies providing services would be required to provide written job descriptions, quality control plans, and employment and compensation policies.
  • Letters of supply from Manufactures.
  • Your company would have to make the Federal Government it’s Most Favored Customer (provide your best discounts).
  • Has your firm or its principals been disbarred from doing business with the Federal government or, within the last three years, had a criminal or civil judgment against it with regard to Federal, state, or local government contracting?

If you answered yes to all but the last question, then your firm can most likely be awarded a Schedule.

Your company must then decide which Schedule and Special Item Number(s) is most appropriate for your product or service and download the appropriate solicitation package.

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